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Prioritising Water Research Questions:

In 2009, water@leeds organised a workshop with UK policymakers to discuss the current big challenges in water research. This resulted in the identification of 94 water research questions which were discussed in detail in the following paper:

Brown LE; Mitchell G; Holden J; Folkard A; Wright N; Beharry-Borg N; Berry G; Brierley B; Chapman P; Clarke SJ; Cotton L; Dobson M; Dollar E; Fletcher M; Foster J; Hanlon A; Hildon S; Hiley P; Hillis P; Hoseason J; Johnston K; Kay P; McDonald A; Parrott A; Powell A; Slack RJ; Sleigh A; Spray C; Tapley K; Underhill R; Woulds C (2010) Priority water research questions as determined by UK practitioners and policy makers., Sci Total Environ, 409, pp.256-266.

  • The full paper can be read here.
  • A summary of this paper was published by Environmental Technology in 2011 and can be read here.

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Conference Reports:

Post conference reports have a wealth of knowledge, so we are happy to share our findings with you. See the list below for a range of outputs from major conferences and events.

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