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Conferences 2010


The 1st International Water Quality Conference 23-24 June 2010

Thank you to all speakers and delegates who attended Water Quality 2010.

The conference programme from 2010 is available here.

Conference presentations can be viewed here, and the conference proceedings are available here.

Water Quality 2010 offered a unique forum to discuss the many issues that affect the quality of water, from land management to water treatment processes.

With a changing climate and growing global population, water resources will be under an enormous strain and it is important that water quality is maintained to ensure safe drinking water and water suitable for food production as well as considering the implications for the wider environment. This conference provided an opportunity to discuss current and emerging issues of global water quality relevance.

Your feedback for Water Quality 2010 is currently being sought. Please use the feedback form to let us know what you thought and how we can make WQ2012 bigger and better!

Thank you to everyone who attended and particularly to our exhibitors - RSHydroand YSI Hydrodata.


Water Quality 2010 considered the range of issues and challenges that affect global water quality. By providing a forum for researchers, industry, policymakers and other stakeholders, the conference sought to identify the key concerns and big challenges of the future. A workshop which sought to identify the issues of global concern took place at the conference and generated a large number of issues which can be voted for at the following survey:



A range of topics were addressed by Water Quality 2010 including water quality management and policy, modelling and monitoring programmes, treatment, novel tools and technologies, and future issues.


Thank you to our 2010 exhibitors: RSHydro and YSI Hydrodata. To exhibit at WQ2012, please contact the water@leeds project coordinator for more information.