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28 April 2016 18:00 Age: 362 days
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Professional Ethics Network - How to Distribute the Burdens in Flood Risk Management

Evening of Thursday 28th April, Dr Neelke Doorn, Assistant Professor, Technology University Delft, will be joining us for a discussion on How to Distribute the Burdens in Flood Risk Management

Date: 28-04-2016
Time: 18:00 - 21:00

In the last years, the UK is repeatedly confronted with severe flooding. This has prompted the question whether the current flood risk policy is the most adequate one. This question should be seen in the light of the so-called governance-turn in flood risk management, in which both private parties as well as regional and local governmental bodies have a role to play. This transition has been marked by a move from controlling and defending against flood, to the paradigm of flood risk management, which recognizes that flooding cannot and should not be prevented at all costs, but that safety should also be provided by other means. In this context, government policy is partly achieved through guiding the conduct of citizens, private companies and lower level agencies. In this presentation, I will discuss different measures that can be taken before, during and after flooding to mitigate its effect. By comparing the system of flood risk management of the UK with that of the Netherlands, I show how different geographies but also different political choices have implications on how the burdens of increased flood risks are distributed. 

Dr Neelke Doorn, Assistant Professor, Technical University Delft, will be giving a presentation on this topic. This will be followed by group discussion.

To register free of charge please follow this link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/professional-ethics-network-how-to-distribute-the-burdens-in-flood-risk-management-tickets-22113970481

The Professional Ethics Network event will be held at the Inter-Disciplinary Applied Ethics Centre, University of Leeds and will commence at 6pm and concludes with a buffet evening meal.

Location: IDEA Centre, 8 - 12 Fenton Street
Cost: Free