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Analytical resources

Analytical resources

Water Research Analytical Services

water@leeds has access to a broad range of analytical services throughout the University of Leeds. Details of these services can be found by following the links below. 

The School of Geography Analytical Services supports one of the largest research-oriented university geography departments in the United Kingdom. In addition, the laboratories conduct bespoke analyses for governmental, commercial and charity organisations. We divide our equipment and expertise into two broad areas: laboratory analysis, including water, soil and chemical analysis, and field recording, including water flow and quality monitoring, meteorology, surveying, coring, and geophysics.

Department of Colour Science Analytical Services are a specialist team of analytical chemists involved in providing analytical services to both industry and academia. We pride ourselves our efficiency, integrity and confidentiality to solving complex problems using the very latest state-of-the-art analytical instruments. We also conduct routine analysis for industry who simply want a fast and effective identification/characterisation of experimental and commercial compounds.

The School of Earth and Environment Analytical Services provides an extensive range of services for the analysis of natural materials, waters and solutions (including rainwater, seawater, leachates, soils, rocks and vegetation). We have well-equipped analytical laboratories staffed by analysts with experience of working in both commercial and research sectors. All work is undertaken within a strict quality control system to ensure the highest quality data.

The School of Geography Technical Services are a team of facilities professionals dedicated to supporting our cutting-edge research and teaching. If you wish to use any of these facilities (including laboratories, field equipment, workshop, vehicles, IT, web team and audio visual equipment) please follow the link and visit the appropriate pages for further information.