Leeds University


water@leeds has a successful track record of working with industry. The team can provide expert advice and analytical services across a range of water-related issues. Examples of recent work include:

  • 17th century water garden feasibility study
  • Catchment scheme evaluation of impacts of peatland restoration
  • Role of moorland vegetation in Dissolved Organic Carbon in water
  • Metering study
  • Mapping small diameter sewer assets
  • Metaldehyde risk analysis
  • Carbon dating and micro fossil investigation of peat cores
  • Small diameter sewer monitoring
  • Demand Segmentation study

The team can offer a holistic hydrological monitoring programme service to collect information about water quality, discharge and flow characteristics, water table behaviour, floods and droughts etc. This can include some or all of the elements of the design, installation and application of hydrological monitoring programmes including world-class data analysis, interpretation and reporting.

Please email water@leeds.ac.uk and a member of the team will contact you to discuss your needs.