Leeds University


Access to interdisciplinary and applied frontier research such as ours is of acute importance to the water sector globally.

For water and allied industries there are multiple and complex challenges of maintaining services under conditions of economic stress, population growth, demographic change, urbanisation and climate change, whilst continuing to meet consumer expectations.

water@leeds helps to develop innovative approaches for water-related applications. Tools and models can be designed in conjunction with partners in industry or academia for a specific purpose or arise as outputs from primary research – often leading to commercialisation opportunities. We also provide rigorous testing of new products – in a confidential, quality assured environment.

We work internationally with industrial, government, charity and academic bodies. With some 150 water experts on hand, we use our vast array of technical, academic, modelling and monitoring skills to engage in wide-ranging research and innovation projects, supported by world class facilities such as the Sorby Environmental Dynamics laboratory.

We work on water supply in urban areas within emerging economies as part of a global strategic partnership with Arup, and we have strong links with the USA through our continuing work with the University of Illinois and the Prairie Research Institute.

Nationally we have research partnerships with Yorkshire Water, the Countryside Council for Wales and the Met Office and have good relationships with other UK water companies, agencies, and research organisations such as UK Water Industry Research and trade bodies such as the Water Industry Forum.

We work closely with major government organisations such as World Bank, DfiD, Defra and Natural England, and with charities such as the RSPB, Esmee Fairburn Foundation and WWF.

We currently have two Technology Strategy Board funded Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) with HydroLogic and Dinsdale Moorland Services and engage in consultancy with a wide range of businesses drawn from the environmental, food, agricultural, water and petrochemical sectors.

As world leaders in many areas of water innovation we are very keen to work with partners to maximise the impact of our work and make a real difference to people’s lives.

Please contact us at water(at)leeds.ac.uk if you would like to discuss your ideas further or would like to find out more about innovation opportunities. For general information about KTPs, please visit the University of Leeds KTP website.