Leeds University

Recent visit - 13th-15th May 2014

Report from Louise Walker on her recent visit to the University of Illinois with whom water@leeds have a partnership with:

"Between 13th and 15th May I visited the University of Illinois (UIUC) to connect with our partners there with whom we have a Memorandum of Understanding and to explore opportunities for collaborative research and student and staff exchange. I met with over 30 people and heard about their research and professional interests. I also made two presentations about water@leeds.

Day One:
Day one was spent in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences where I heard about work on the fate of pesticides in natural waters, impacts of emerging pollutants, nitrate reduction strategies, good farm practices, modelling the effect of land use on water quality, also some Low Impact Development and the student exchange programme. 

Day Two:
Day two in the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center gave me an overview of research into turning plastic waste into energy including the use of forward osmosis, detection of arsenic in groundwater and toxins in algae, work with business to reduce water consumption, inland marine aquaculture, HTL in crude oil production and potential water contamination from fracking.

Day Three:
Day 3 was spent at the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center near St Louis where work centres on freshwater ecology, the control of invasive species and public engagement."

For more images from Louise's visit please have a look at the University of Illinois' flickr page here