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WFD expertise

WFD expertise

Statement of water@leeds capability

The goal of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) is to improve the chemical and biological quality of water for improved ecological health of all surface water bodies. water@leeds possesses much of the expertise required to ensure compliance with the WFD, providing regulatory guidance and analytical capability. Particular areas of water@leeds strength are: 

  • Evaluation of diffuse pollution events including agricultural contaminants;
  • Independent assessment of point source pollution;
  • Analytical capability with skilled laboratory staff and a comprehensive array of equipment/techniques for assessment of DOC, nutrients, water colour, heavy metals/metals, organics/inorganics, microbial load etc. in water, sediment and soil;
  • State-of-the-art laboratories such as the Sorby Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory which can be used to simulate pollution flow;
  • New and novel analytical capability including ‘omics (particularly metabolomics) to determine ecological exposure to contaminants;
  • Methodological development of monitoring regimes from source to sea (can be linked to sample analysis);
  • Passive sampling for cost effective monitoring;
  • Modelling capability for real-time water flow, quality, environmental exposure, etc. data;
  • Development of new sensor technology to monitor chemical water quality e.g. water sensors using nanotechnology;
  • Priority pollutant and emerging pollutant expertise;
  • Fate and behaviour monitoring, assessment and modelling;
  • Ecological assessment of ecosystem health using field-scale experiments and laboratory-scale simulations;
  • Freshwater biota identification skills (family, genus, species);
  • Invasive freshwater species monitoring and control;
  • Environmental legal expertise for interpretation of WFD;
  • Environmental economics, ecosystem service approaches and participatory involvement techniques for holistic approach.

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