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Welcome to the water@leeds intranet.

On these pages, you will find information and resources that will be useful to you as members of water@leeds.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything you would like including on these pages.

water@leeds organisation

water@leeds crosses all nine faculties of the University of Leeds, providing a community for all staff and students with an interest in water. As an interdisciplinary centre, there are no boundaries to who or what research we do – as long as it involves water somewhere!

Membership of water@leeds is open to all, with members benefiting from water-specific news and funding opportunities, networking events (such as seminars, conferences etc.), research support and impact delivery opportunities.

water@leeds is led by co-directors, Joseph Holden and Martin Tillotson, with a core team available to help and assist members across all research, innovation and knowledge exchange areas. Rebecca Slack is the water@leeds coordinator and can be contacted with all research-related questions; Viki Hirst in the knowledge exchange fellow and can help with all enquires relating to knowledge exchange, including but not restricted to Water Framework Directive and catchment management; Rosie Samuel is the support administrator and can help with all general enquiries such as addition to the mailing list; Pazit Ziv is the Doctoral Research and Training Centre manager and can help with all student enquiries. 

water@leeds governance

water@leeds is managed by two groups: the Strategy Board oversees the delivery of the water@leeds strategy which seeks to grow our research capability and international reach, realise impact from our research, support our postgraduate students and maximise our funding potential. Each of these four strategy areas is represented by a Strategy Champion who are: Miller Camago-Valero (internationalisation); Oliver Fritsch (impact); Mark Smith (next generation); and, John Marsham (income).

The water@leeds Forum steers the strategy and hence the development of water@leeds. Meeting every six months, the Forum consists of representatives from each school and faculty in the University so ensuring the interdisciplinarity of water@leeds. A list of members will be available here shortly.

Contact us

Please contact us for any help or advice – or if you have any comments or ideas you would like to discuss with us:

Rebecca Slack – r.slack(at)leeds.ac.uk; ext 33373

Viki Hirst – v.hirst(at)leeds.ac.uk; ext. 36637

Pazit Ziv - p.ziv(at)leeds.ac.uk; ext. 30266

Rosie Samuel - r.samuel(at)leeds.ac.uk; ext. 38246

Joe Holden – j.holden(at)leeds.ac.uk; ext.33317

Martin Tillotson – m.r.tillotson(at)leeds.ac.uk; ext.32295