Leeds University

Book launch: 'Water Ecosystem Services: A Global Perspective' by Julia Martin-Ortega, Robert C. Ferrier, Iain J. Gordon and Shahbaz Khan

Water Ecosystem Services: A Global Perspective was produced under a collaboration agreement between Cambridge University Press and UNESCO, in UNESCO’s International Hydrology Series.

Provides a practical definition of ecosystem services-based approaches for both researchers and practitioners. • Provides a definitive reference for future research and the implementation of ecosystem services-based approaches within the water sector and wider application. • Discusses new and unexplored dimensions to the ecosystem services field, such as human rights, thereby enhancing the concept for both research and practice. • Brings together knowledge across a range of disciplines and is suitable for a broad audience.

·         The book can now be downloaded for free at this link: http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0024/002447/244743e.pdf