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Projects and groups

Current and recent water research projects are listed below.

Further details can be found on members’ personal web pages via links from the ‘People’ tab.

Current projects:

  • Julia Martin-Ortega (2016) Applying ecosystem services-based approaches to water resource decision making: studying the risk of nature commodification in Mexico’s last free-flowing river. British Academy: Newton Advanced Fellowships.
  • Pippa Chapman, Joseph Holden, Richard Grayson and Les Firbank (2015-2018) SoilBioHedge: harnessing hedgerow soil biodiversity for restoration of arable soil quality and resilience to climatic extremes and land use changes. NERC-BBSRC-ESRC, £1m.
  • Doug Parker, Piers Forster and John Marsham (2015-2019) Improving climate models for Africa (IMPALA). NERC-DfID, £3m. 
  • Christian Berretta (2015-2016) Controlling diffuse pollution in urban areas using biofiltration systems. White Rose University Consortium £10,979.
  • John Marsham and Doug Parker (2015-18) Interaction of Convective Organisation and Monsoon Precipitation, Atmosphere, Surface and Sea (INCOMPASS). NERC, £356,269.
  • Doug Parker and Peter Knippertz (2014-18). DACCIWA: Dynamics-aerosol-chemistry-cloud interactions in west Africa. EU, £1,600,000.
  • Lindsay Stringer (2014-16). Philip Leverhulme Prize, £70,000.
  • John Marsham and Doug Parker (2014-2017) SWAMMA (Saharan West African Monsoon Multiscale Analysis). NERC, £665,000
  • Mitchell, G.,Brown, L.,Tillotson, M., Guan, D. (2014-2017) Complex Value Optimisation for Resource Recovery. NERC, £1,167,574.00.
  • Holden, J. (2012-2016) Impact of plastic mesh tracks on blanket peat. North Pennines AONB Partnership, £83,000.
  • Benning, L., Peacock, C. (2012-2016) Marie Curie ITN – MINSC. EU, £1,100,000.
  • Parker, Spracklen, Marsham (2013-2016) Vegetation-Rainfall Feedbacks in Africa (VERA). NERC, £464,702.


Past Projects:

  • Blyth, A., Collier, C., Gadian, A. (2012-2015) MICROphysicS of COnvective PrEcipitation (MICROSCOPE). NERC, £419,310.
  • Lee Brown and Graeme Swindles (2014-15). Peatland Ecological and Hydrological Dynamics in the Artic (Peat-Arc). EU Interact, £24,078.
  • Wright, Guan (2013-2015) Delivering and Evaluating Multiple Flood Risk Benefits in Blue-Green Cities. EPSRC, £270,000.
  • Wright, Guan (2012-2015) Organisational Operational Response and Strategic Decision Making for Long Term Flood Preparedness in Urban Areas. EPSRC, £165,000.
  • Holden, J., Baird, A., Chapman, P. (2012-2015) Understanding the role of pools in carbon cycling in northern peatlands. NERC, £504,995.
  • Baird, A., Holden, J., Chapman, P. (2011-2015) Lowland peat greenhouse gas forcing SP1210. Defra, £211,186.
  • Peakall, J. (2012-2015) Realistic Sedimentary Bedform Prediction: Incorporating Physical and Biological Cohesion (COHBED). NERC, £131,361.    
  • Joseph Holden, Sheila Palmer and Lee Brown (2014) EMBER
  • Doug Parker (2013-15) NCAS Doppler Lidar. NERC, £350,000.
  • Tillotson, M. (2012-13) EPSRC Pathways to Impact: Water Sector Hub.EPSRC, £23,000.
  • Evans, Crawford, Guan, King, Morgan, Camargo-Valero, Fletcher, Noakes, Sleigh, Tillotson, Wright. (2012-13) Strengthening cross-disciplinary research activities to improve both the reach and quality of investments in water supply and sanitation services for poor people in low- and middle-income countries. EPSRC, £17,895.
  • Ross, Carmargo-Valero, Stewart, Mortimer, Key, Tillotson, Velis, Upham, Williams. (2012-13) Recovery and Reuse of Nutrients from Secondary Raw Materials for Supporting Sustainable Food and Biofuel Production. EPSRC, £28,930.          
  • Evans, B., Steinberger, J. (2012-13) Public health and Social Benefits of at-house water supplies. DfiD, £20,563.
  • Woulds(2012-2013) Tracer studies of biological sampling of chemosythesisers. NERC, £51,893.
  • Grayson, R., Holden, J. (2012-2013) Stean moor monitoring. Environment Agency/Yorkshire Water, £32,000.     
  • Fleskens, L. (2011-2014) Water scarcity through trading. EPSRC, £96,452.
  • Palmer, S., Holden, J. Brown, L. (2011-2013) Impacts of wildfire on water quality; the Marsden moor case study. Yorkshire Water. 
  • Holden, J. Tillotson M. Palmer, S., Baird, A., Chapman, P. (2011-2013) Influence of burning, vegetation management, intake sediments and pipe blocking on raw water colour. Yorkshire Water.
  • Holden, J., Grayson, R., Kay, P., Brown, L., Palmer, S. (2011-2013) Catchment monitoring for AMP5. Yorkshire Water.
  • Brown, L., Holden, J. (2011-2013) Biodiversity of upland blanket peat bog pools. Esmee Fairbairn Foundation.
  • Holden, J. Hirst, V. (2011-2014) water@leeds KE Fellowship for Viki Hirst.NERC, £158,820.
  • Wright, N. (2011-2013) Reducing vulnerability, bringing together engineering and social science perspectives. Fellowship to work between Civil Engineering and Sustainability Research Institute - discipline hopping award. EPSRC/ESRC, £65,500.
  • Palmer, S., Chapman, P.J., Holden, J. (2010-2013) Greenhouse gas emissions associated with non-gaseous losses of carbon from peatlands. Defra, £44,921.       
  • Kirkby, M., Irvine, B. (2011-2015) ToPoMan. EU, £204,970.
  • Arnold, S., Sitch, S. (2010-2013) Export of Ozone and Precursors from Europe and Impacts on Air Quality, Climate and Ecosystems. NERC  , £313,670.
  • Kirkby, M., Fleskens, L., Irvine, B., Beharry-Borg, N. (2011-2015) Water Harvesting for Rainfed Africa: investing in dryland agriculture for growth and resilience. EU, £249,380.
  • Holden, J., Chapman, P., West, J. (2010-2013) KTP with Dinsdale Morland Services NERC/TSB, £170,175.
  • Baird, A., Chapman, P., Holden, J. (2010-2014) Role of grip blocking in methane emissions. Defra, £1,065,519.
  • Peakcock, C. (2010-2013) Resolving Past Changes in Ocean Oxygenation: Utility of Chromium Isotopes. NERC, £46,552.
  • Holden, J., Slack, R., Lightfoot, S., Beharry-Borg, N., Kay, P., van Alstine, J. (2009-2013) ACCWA - Approaching Climate Change for Water Resource Adaptation. WUN, £59,482. See www.accwa.net
  • Paavola, J. (2006-2010) GoverNat: Multilevel Governance of Natural Resources: Tools & Processes for Water & Biodiversity Governance in Europe. European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme,£249,473. Seehttp://www.governat.eu/
  • Holden, J., Reed, M., Termansen, M., Chapman, P.J., Kirkby, M.J., Irvine, B., Hubacek, K., Burt, T.P., Prell, C. (2009-2010) Sustainable uplands: communicating and learning to live with change. ESRC (£101,235). Seehttp://sustainableuplands.org/
  • Milner, A.M., Brown, L.E. & Robertson, A. (2006-2008) The influence of major FLOOD disturbance on River EcoSystem Evolution Trajectories (FLOODRESET) in recently deglaciated terrainNERC urgency award number NE/E003729/1.
  • Reed, M. Hubacek, Dougill A., Holden, J. and Kirkby, M.J. and other EU partners (2007-2012). Desertification, mitigation and remediation of land (DESIRE). EU, €8m.
  • McDonald, A.T. (2004-2008) WAND: Water Cycle Management for new Developments. EPSRC.
  • Parker, D., Birch, C.,  Brooks, B., Garcia-Carreras, L., Heard, D., Hobby, M., Marsham, J., McQuaid, J. (2004-2013) AMMA: African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis. NERC/EU. See: http://www.amma-international.org/

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