Leeds University

Seaside Studies Network

The seaside is a unique environment, where land meets sea and the past meets the present. As such, it represents a set of challenges for both development (in terms of infrastructure, societal adhesion, economic investment etc.) and conservation (coastal erosion, reclamation of wetlands for agriculture, developmental pressures etc.). Coastal villages, towns and cities have distinctive ‘personalities’ representing often complex histories and societal structures – from the very wealthy to areas of deepest deprivation.

The Seaside Studies Network (SeaNet) has been established as an interdisciplinary platform on which a community of researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and sea users can come together to discuss and evaluate a range of topics related to the coast, from economic development and coastal erosion to bathing water quality, health and wellbeing, and social history.

Research themes are currently under development so if you would like to be involved in SeaNet, please contact Rebecca Slack (r.slack(at)leeds.ac.uk) and Charles Dannreuther (C.Dannreuther(at)leeds.ac.uk).


The sea and its turbulence
Courage rage & stress
All the flailing fists will fall
To a gentle coasts caress
(© Lemn Sissay, 2015)