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Who are we?

The water@leeds DRTC stands for Doctoral Research and Training Centre.

water@leeds is the largest water research centre of any UK university, and one of the largest interdisciplinary centres in the world. The Doctoral Research and Training Centre (DRTC) for water@leeds aims to emulate this and will become the world’s largest interdisciplinary centre for postgraduate students, aiming to recruit 100 students a year. Established in Jan '15 with 40 PhD students,  we now have 140 PGRs from all Faculties and Schools and we are constantly growing. We are a unique group of young researchers who are brought together to share expertise and research objectives related to water. The DRTC members are from all around the world, and represent a variety of water related challenges.

Membership in the water@leeds DRTC is open to any University of Leeds PhD student who wishes to be associated with the Centre, and whose research and interests align with the vision of water@leeds.

The water@leeds DRTC team:

Pazit Ziv, Manager

Rosie Samuel, Administrative assistant for water@leeds

Anie Yulistyorini, REP for CEN 

Scott Watson, REP for SoG

Andrew Galloway, REP for FBS

How to contact us:

water@leeds Facebook

water@leeds DRTC Twitter

water@leeds DRTC mailing list – please email Rosie or Pazit to join the mailing list

water@leeds DRTC LinkedIn - Search 'water@leeds DRTC'